Advertising Policy

Approved by the MNA Communication Committee on May 26, 2015

Ad space is available only to MNA members and to neighborhood businesses within Meadowthorpe, as Meadowthorpe is defined in the current by-laws. A member may not include an ad for a business physically located outside the defined boundaries of Meadowthorpe.

Because space for ads is limited, the Messenger may not be able to include all ads. Space for ads will be determined issue-by issue at the discretion of the editor. In cases where an issue requires more space for news, announcements, et cetera, the editor may remove any or all ads for that issue at his or her discretion and without regard to the timing of the placement of the ad or ads.

Ad copy will be included as close as possible to the submission of the advertiser, but all ads, with the exception of those governed by law, will be subject to editing by the editor.

All ads will expire with each December issue of the Messenger and must be resubmitted for the January (or subsequent) issue following to be included for the current year. Each December, the editor will notify advertisers of this policy by the most expedient method.

Ads will be included each year on a first come/first served basis until available ad space is consumed. The editor, at his or her discretion, may reject any ad. In doing so, the editor may seek advice from the Communication Committee, if he or she feels it necessary.

Any MNA Member may question the appropriateness or inclusion of any ad by appealing to the editor. Failing resolution at that level, the matter will be elevated to the Executive Committee.

Seasonal ads, e.g., lawn services, must be revised by the advertisers as seasons change or such ads will be removed at the discretion of the editor.