Art in Motion’s ChimneyStop on Leestown

Feb 4, 2016

You have probably noticed the gradual development of a standalone chimney on Leestown Road near the Towne Center Drive intersection. The new and distinctly designed bus stop shelter is nearing its finishing touches this month. The design combines traditional and modern elements, and represents a “continuum between past, present, and future,” according to the creator, Art in Motion.

The ChimneyStop project dates back as early as 2010, at which time the Meadowthorpe Neighborhood Association contributed $500 toward the design competition fund. Sheila Foy, a Meadowthorpe resident, served on the committee that selected the winning design.  Tom Blues, a current MNA committee member, was also involved with the project.

About Art in Motion
Art in Motion’s mission is to make Lexington a more vibrant, livable city through the fusion of public art, public transit and public spaces. The local, non-profit organization works to enhance Lexington’s only public transit system – Lextran – through the design and construction of bus shelters that incorporate art murals and sculpture.

Art in Motion creates opportunities for citizens to connect with their neighborhoods through art while growing public transit in Lexington. Increased public transit ridership means less traffic congestion and fewer climate changing carbon emissions. Those environmental benefits, combined with a richer streetscape shaped by public art, means higher quality of life for our community.

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