Board of Directors

Meadowthorpe Neighborhood Association’s Board of Directors is made up of the association’s officers, committee chairs, and  street representatives.


President: Jim Capillo
Vice President: Bill Congleton
Secretary: Traci Letcher
Treasurer: Linda Melton

Committee Chairs

Neighborhood Watch Committee: Chuck Smith
Meadowthorpe Development Review Committee: Jim Stone
Natural Resources Committee: Open
Community Center: Gabe Hensley
Park Committee: Russ DiBella
Neighborhood Spirit Committee: Open
Communications Committee: Beth Workman

Street Representatives

Boiling Springs Drive (200 block): David Lloyd and Emily Balsam
Boiling Springs Drive (300 block): Open
Burke Road: Kim and Phil Czirr
N Forbes Road: Jan McKinley
Glendale Avenue (200 block): Marie Pullen
Glendale Avenue (300 block): Julie McKee
Hillsboro Avenue (200 block): Cherrie Marquardt
Hillsboro Avenue (300 block): Liz Chilton
Larch Lane: David and Diane McCall


Old Leestown Road: Jim Stone
Meadowthorpe Avenue (1400 block): Coleman Bush
Meadowthorpe Avenue (1500 block): Karen Mosley
Meadowthorpe Avenue (1600 block): Liz Robertson
Pelican Lane and Pelican Circle: Coleman Bush
Pepper and Leona Drive: Kim and Russ DiBella
Taylor Drive (odd numbers): Beth Hayes
Taylor Drive (even numbers): Polly Farley
Townley Drive: Lou Seivers