Butterfly houses are installed at Meadowthorpe Park

May 13, 2016

The butterfly house painting and building project has begun to display the fruits of its labor with the installation and display of butterfly homes at Louie Mack Park, located next to the Meadowthorpe Community Center.

The association wishes to thank the many neighbors who donated their time and money to this project. Meadowthorpe is completing the steps to become an official Monarch butterfly waystation, as the butterflies migrate from Mexico to the north. These butterflies need milkweed plants, puddles, sun, and butterfly houses.

With help from neighbors Amy Steele and Maria Kenney, several children painted butterfly houses in conjunction with the neighborhood traffic signs on April 23. Bill Congleton (pictured above) and Russ Letcher helped to install the houses.Stop by the park and check out the installations, and keep an eye out for waystations in front of the community center and in the playground area later this year.

Butterfly 2           Butterfly 3