Meadowthorpe Neighborhood Association By-Laws

The MNA by-laws were most recently updated in October 2014.

The mission of the Meadowthorpe Neighborhood Association, Inc. (MNA) is to improve and to protect the neighborhood through educational, civic, social, and advocacy activities.

The MNA is defined by all residential and business properties commonly referred to as Meadowthorpe Subdivision. For purposes of the Meadowthorpe Neighborhood Association, the boundaries of Meadowthorpe are as follows: New circle from Leestown Road to the west and north; to, but not including 1301 and 1303 West Main Street (aka Associates Warehouse), to the east; the north side of West Main Street/Leestown Road to the south.



All property owners and/or residents of the Meadowthorpe Neighborhood eighteen years of age and older are members of the Meadowthorpe Neighborhood Association.


On an annual basis, and/or as needed, the organization will appeal to its members for funds to support its operations.


The officers of this body are President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The officers shall be elected annually by the membership, will serve a one-year terms, and may be re-elected. Any MNA member is eligible to hold office. PRESIDENT presides over meetings of the MNA and of the Board of Directors. He or she appoints representatives, committees, and individuals to carry out the business of the association. The president or president’s designate serves as the association’s representative to the Fayette County Neighborhood Council, Planning Commission, and Urban County Council. All presidential appointments are subject to the approval of the board at the next board meeting following such appointments. VICE-PRESIDENT substitutes for and acts on behalf of the president in his or her absence or upon his or her request. The vice-president serves as liaison with the street representatives and coordinate their activities. He or she also carries out other duties as may be requested by the president or the MNA Board of Directors. SECRETARY writes and keeps a record of the minutes of general membership, executive committee, and board meetings; maintains a file of standing and ad hoc committee meeting minutes; responsible for external MNA communications and routine correspondence; oversees the MNA web site and newsletter; keeps and maintains the MNA records, treasurer’s records excepted. TREASURER keeps and maintains the association’s financial records, carries out the transactions normally associated with the office, prepares and presents a treasurer’s report at each board and general meeting, prepares and presents an annual budget report. IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT remains on the Executive Committee as a non-voting mentor and consultant to the new Executive Committee and president as long as his or her successor remains president.


Appointed by the president and approved by the Board of Directors, the parliamentarian serves throughout the president’s term of office. Upon request of any member or officer of the MNA, the parliamentarian will advise the presiding officer of MNA general meetings and/or Board of Directors meetings on questions of parliamentary procedure. In doing so, the parliamentarian will be guided by Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised. The parliamentarian’s role is restricted to advising the presiding officer, who retains the sole power to rule on questions of order or to answer parliamentary inquiries.


Nominations for president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer may be made by any member at the November general meeting of each year. Nominations from the floor are also permitted at the January meeting of the following year, at which meeting election of officers will be conducted. MNA members present at the meeting are eligible to vote, by secret ballot only. Proxy and absentee voting is not permitted.


President, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer assume duties at the conclusion of the meeting at which they are elected and serve until the next president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer assume their duties.


Comprised of the elected officers, the Executive Committee will creates and presents to the Board of Directors for its approval an annual budget and plan of action; will develops board meeting agendas; will schedules Board of Directors and general membership meetings; responsible for writing and submitting grant applications.


If the office of president is vacated, the vice-president assumes the office for the remainder of the president’s term. If the office of vice-president, secretary, or treasurer is vacated, the president shall nominate a member of the association to complete the term of the vacated office and submit the nomination to the membership for approval by simple majority.

Comprised of the officers, the chairs of the standing committees, and the street representatives, the Board of Directors, in accordance with the association’s mission and purpose, ensures effective organizational planning; enhances the association’s public image; recommends policies, actions, and activities to the members: and presents an annual budget and any revisions thereto, to the membership for approval. At its first meeting each year, the board elects a chair, vice-chair, and secretary. A quorum of the Board is seven members.
Street Representatives may be nominated by any MNA member and submitted to the general membership for approval. Street representatives serve as liaisons between the residents of a street or portion of a street and the MNA. Typically, street representatives deliver the neighborhood newsletter and other materials, gather news, report problems to officers, and collect annual voluntary dues contributions. Street representatives are members of the Board of Directors.
There will be a minimum of one Board of Directors meeting and one general membership meeting in each quarter of the calendar year, to include a general membership meeting in November of the fourth quarter and in January of the first quarter. (See NOMINATION AND ELECTION OF OFFICERS.) The annual schedule of meetings is determined by the Executive Committee and communicated to the membership in a timely manner. Special meetings of the board or general membership may be called by the Executive Committee. Special meetings of the general membership are scheduled by the Executive Committee in response to the written request of ten or more members of the association. Notice of special meetings and/or meetings that include proposals to amend the Bylaws are communicated to the members at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting. Board and general membership meetings will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.

The president appoints a chairperson and members to each of the association’s standing committees. Standing committees are advisory in nature and shall have no authority to obligate the MNA without the express consent of the membership. Each standing committee chairperson appoints a member to keep minutes, which are certified by the chair and submitted to the association secretary, to be maintained with the official records of the MNA. Standing committees report directly to the executive committee. Committee meetings are conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised. The following are the MNA standing committees:

Meadowthorpe Development Review Committee (MDRC), which advises the membership pertaining to development within and beyond the neighborhood that may affect property values, quality of life, and neighborhood character.

Natural Resources Committee, which is responsible for addressing environmental issues in the neighborhood, including street tree health, and maintaining the grounds and gardens, including the entrances to the neighborhood and the community center garden.

Community Center Committee, which advises the membership on the condition of the center and oversees policy regarding its usage, including rentals. The committee coordinates with key holders and serves as liaison to the Urban County Government. Park Committee, which serves as the liaison to the Urban County Government’s Division of Parks and Recreation, monitors the condition of the park, and advises the membership regarding maintenance and future development of the park.

Neighborhood Spirit Committee, which advises the membership regarding activities and events organized to promote social interaction and neighbor to neighbor communication, in order to develop a sense of community. The committee plans and coordinates neighborhood social events, including the welcome of new neighbors, holiday events (potlucks, street luminaries, and flags) and the Fall Festival.

Communications Committee, which advises on modes of communication to and among the membership, including printed materials and electronic processes. Members include the newsletter editor and the web master.

Neighborhood Watch Committee, which advises membership of ongoing safety issues in and around Meadowthorpe. Serves as liaison between neighbors and local law enforcement.


The president establishes special committees as necessary and appoints their chairpersons and members. The association secretary maintains a list of all special committees and their chairpersons or co-chairs, as applicable. The chair of each special committee appoints a member to keep minutes, certified by the chair and submitted to the MNA secretary, to be maintained with the official records of the association. Special committees report to the Executive Committee. Special committee meetings shall follow Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised and report directly to the Executive Committee.


Any MNA member may propose amendments to the Bylaws. Amendments proposed at a meeting of the membership are voted on at the first following Membership meeting and require a two-thirds majority of members present and voting for approval.