Community Center Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Meadowthorpe Community Center?
The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG) owns the Meadowthorpe Louie Mack Park and all buildings located on the premises; this includes the community center.

Who dictates policy guidelines and approves rental procedures for all community centers in Lexington?
The LFUCG Division of Parks & Recreation.

Why are there rules and policies?
Written rules and policies prevent discrimination of all those who rent publicly owned facilities such as the center. Rules and policies ensure the safety of all those who use the facility and help to protect the property and its contents.

What equipment is there for presentations?
The center has an audio/PA system with wireless microphone and a fixed computer projector. There is a $20 charge for use of the projector. The projector and sound system are connected so videos with sound can play through the center equipment.

I pay voluntary dues to the MNA. Why don’t I get free rentals?
Having one rate for MNA residents and another for non-residents is desirable, but offering free or reduced rate rentals to MNA residents would be discriminatory and the LFUCG does not allow discrimination in the rental of their properties.

Why is the security deposit check cashed immediately?
The checks are cashed to insure that all fees are paid and to guard against NSF (Non-sufficient Funds) or Stop Payment checks.

Why are renters required to pay a cleaning fee?
The staff of the LFUCG does not clean the center except by special request. In the past, renters have been asked to thoroughly clean the center after each use but the results have been spotty, sometimes making extra work for the MNA volunteers. To maintain our center in top condition, the building is now cleaned by a professional cleaning service. The cleaning fee and a portion of the rent will pay for the service. In return, renters will be relieved of major housekeeping responsibilities and the center will always be kept clean.

How is the rent money collected by the MNA spent?
The MNA is allowed to keep all the money. However, the MNA is required to put the rental funds toward supplies and furnishings for the community center and toward improvements of the center and park. The money can also be used to support association sponsored events such as the Fall Festival and Christmas Potluck Supper. It is not used to pay the key holders; they are volunteers.

Who maintains the park grounds?
The LFUCG contracts the mowing and maintains the exterior of the all buildings, the ball field and tennis courts. The LFUCG is also responsible for electrical or plumbing issues and the HVAC systems in all buildings on the premises.

Who owns the tables/chairs and other equipment in the MCC?
The MNA owns most of the unattached items in the center. Anything permanently attached is automatically the property of the LFUCG.

Who pays the utilities for the park and community center?
The LFUCG Division of Parks & Recreation.

Do you have an Occupancy Permit issued by the Division of Fire & Emergency Services?
Yes. The occupancy rating is as follows: “Maximum tables and chairs seating is limited to 108 persons. Maximum chair only seating is limited to 231persons.” However, the Meadowthorpe Neighborhood Association has seating for a maximum of 72 persons and our Rental Agreement states that we will not exceed that number for any event or rental. Note: A dance permit was not approved for this facility.