Historic plaza project is underway

Sep 19, 2016

At the intersection of Old Leestown Road and Boiling Springs Drive stands a historical marker commemorating Halley Field, Lexington’s first airport where Charles Lindbergh landed his plane in 1928. The marker post is bolted onto the sidewalk, just behind a grassy half circle at the head of the median, the enclosing curb crumbling and broken in several places.

If all goes according to the plans of a small MNA working group, the historical marker will be relocated and situated as the centerpiece of a small brick-paved plaza in what is now the grassy half-circle, enclosed by new curb and sidewalk. Meadowthorpe residents and area business will be invited to purchase pavers engraved with the names or messages of their choice.

The pavers will be available in November for $25 each for residents and $100 for business purchasers. Each paver will be engraved as specified by the purchaser and be ready for installation when the weather permits in the spring of 2017. Watch for ordering information in the November Meadowthorpe Messenger.

When the job is done and the project completed, what is now an obstruction will have become an attraction, marking not only a significant event in our neighborhood’s history, but remembering, celebrating, and honoring members of a special community, their loved ones, friends, and neighbors.

Article by Tom Blues, MNA resident

Proposed design