On October 13, 1949, Meadowthorpe Subdivision, Section 1, consisting of 158 lots, was approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission.  And, over the years, Meadowthorpe grew.  Today, Meadowthorpe consists of 498 properties:  454 single-family; 29 duplex and 15 multi-family. A close-knit and active neighborhood, we maintain the special events and traditions developed over the years.  We gather for ice cream socials and fall festivals in our neighborhood park and holiday potlucks in our community center. MNA sponsors the annual spring yard sale and neighborhood cleanup.  Voluntary dues contributions enable us to place luminaries on the curb in front of every residence on holidays and American flags on the Fourth of July. MNA volunteers developed and maintain the garden and median at the head of Boiling Springs Drive.  This principal entry to the neighborhood, directly across from Meadowthorpe Manor Shopping Center, was once Lexington’s first air strip.  A historical marker tells the story of Charles Lindberg’s landing there one day in 1928.

Detailed history of Meadowthorpe