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Walking, running, biking in Meadowthorpe? Given that one mile is 5,280 feet, a resident can easily calculate a path the distance of their liking, starting and ending at their own home. Even though we complain about the noise from New Circle Road, it really is an awesome gate-keeper for us. We are fortunate that the arrangement of our neighborhood does not provide a “cut-through” to get across town, which many neighborhoods experience. With our boundaries, we have much less non-resident traffic, thus much safer and quieter streets and sidewalks. Use this map to enjoy the great outdoors and our great neighborhood!

“Nice quiet neighborhood and safe!” – Meadowthorpe Neighbor

In order to highlight the critical importance of trees to the environment, in 2015, Meadowthorpe Neighborhood Association developed a Meadowthorpe Tree Walk Guide. The idea behind the guide was to get residents out walking and doing their own investigations and letting the trees speak for themselves. Another important purpose of this project was to identify approved street trees and provide positive examples of good tree selection and planting. Lastly, the failing ash trees and pin oaks in Meadowthorpe are highlighted as a way to emphasize the fragility of the environment.

“We love the annual Meadowthorpe Yard Sale in June of every year!” – Facebook User



There is an effort underway to include a connection for Town Branch Trail as part of the New Circle Road expansion. The current design is underway to connect the Town Branch Trail from Masterson Station Park to Manchester Street. Click here to view the current trail way plans.

Preserving and protecting the character of neighborhoods has been an ongoing process within the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government for many years. Through a neighborhood-driven process, the Neighborhood Design Character (ND-1) Overlay Zone requires property owners to observe limitations on such design elements as height, setbacks, and some building materials. As of November 2015, Meadowthorpe is one of only five Lexington neighborhoods with an ND-1 ordinance in place. (Chevy Chase, Greenbriar, Montclair, and The Colony are the others.) As an exemplary post-WWII suburban neighborhood, it is important that Meadowthorpe’s unique character be protected.

Historic Meadowthorpe Neighborhood is located near the heart of Downtown Lexington.

Founded in October of 1949, Meadowthorpe is the site of Lexington’s first airport and the home of friendly, welcoming neighbors proud to live in Meadowthorpe.

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