Living Green

Living Green in Meadowthorpe is a local initiative to improve the water quality of Town Branch. This is OUR watershed, and what we do makes a difference. It is important that we realize that the way we live in our neighborhood affects our residents and the environment. We hosted workshops in 2011 to educate residents and neighbors on an array of topics, including storm water, rain gardens, native plants, pet care, and lawn care. Check out the workshop videos below.


In 2010, the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government awarded MNA a Storm Water Quality Projects Incentive Grant in the amount of $29,794. The grant enabled project leaders and volunteer participants from within and beyond the neighborhood to define the nature of storm water and how it affects our neighborhood, describe related water quality problems, and guide us toward reducing them.

Learn more about storm water, the ways it has been degraded, and steps we can take to recover its beneficial uses — to ourselves and to our environment.

Storm Water
Part 1  ·  Part 2

Rain Barrels
Rubber Duckies


Rain gardens are specially prepared areas of the home landscape that collect rain water from a roof or paved surface. This rain water then supplies water for plants that like frequently wet conditions. Water that flows to the garden soaks into the ground over a short period of time; this soaking in becomes a source for re-charge of ground water resources. The water that goes into the rain garden is diverted from overland flow reducing the volume of water that flows into local streams.

Rain Gardens
Part 1  ·  Part 2  ·  Part 3  ·  Part 4


Landscaping with native plants helps the environment in several ways. Native plants provide a habitat for butterflies, bees, and birds. Landscaping with native plants also reduces the area of lawn that is mowed, resulting in reduced emissions from our lawnmowers.

Native Plants
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MNA has placed nine pet waste bag stations throughout the neighborhood. If you find one that needs attention, email

What is left behind when we don’t pick up after our pets
Part 1  ·  Part 2

Lexington Humane Society
Part 1  ·  Part 2

Expectations of being a responsible owner
Part 1  ·  Part 2


Automobiles and the Environment
Bluegrass Pride (Now Bluegrass Greensource)