Meadowthorpe Neighborhood

Louie Mack Park

Meadowthorpe’s neighborhood park, located on the same site of the Community Center, is named after Louie Mack, founder and former president of MNA. Open space covers most of the park’s 5.5 acres, which also includes a tots and toddlers playground, baseball field, basketball court, two newly resurfaced tennis courts, and picnic tables in a tree-shaded grove. The park is owned and maintained by the City of Lexington.

Community Center

The Meadowthorpe Community Center is located at 333 Larch in the neighborhood. A fully enclosed facility with kitchen, bathrooms, large gathering area, tables, and chairs is located in the heart of Louie Mack Park. Competitively priced for all kinds of public and private gatherings, reserve it today!

Lexington’s First Airport

Meadowthorpe was known as Halley Field, Lexington’s first airport, located on Meadowthorpe Farm. Owned at the time by Dr. Samuel Halley, in use since 1921 it officially opened May 28, 1927, and was dedicated June 11 of that same year. World-famous aviator Col. Charles Lindbergh landed here on March 28, 1928.


Residents and homeowners make up the membership of Meadowthorpe Neighborhood Association. An active association, we meet monthly at the Meadowthorpe Community Center, located at the entrance to Louie Mack Park. We welcome guest speakers, including our local elected officials, representatives of the police and fire departments, as well as speakers on storm water control, native tree plantings and various other topics. Join us in preserving our neighborhood and its rich history and caring neighbors.

Historic Meadowthorpe Neighborhood is located near the heart of Downtown Lexington.

Founded in October of 1949, Meadowthorpe is the site of Lexington’s first airport and the home of friendly, welcoming neighbors proud to live in Meadowthorpe.

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